Xterity has provider partners operating in dozens of local markets. These partners provide best in class performance, security and choice to hundreds of traditional value added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) which use the platform to deliver custom cloud solutions to their end customers.

Customers that rely on Xterity for their cloud computing requirements include leading organizations in finance, healthcare, government and other sectors. The value they receive is simple:

  • Local presence. Having the infrastructure that is located near their users provides best in class performance and “in country” data protections
  • Enterprise class service level agreements. Backed by uptime guarantees and credits that start after just 4 minutes of downtime per month.
  • Compelling value proposition. The wholesale model allows resellers to earn better margins while providing their customers with the lowest prices.
  • Simplicity. The intuitiveness of the portal, with its fully integrated workflows and business processes, means operators require minimal training. This translates to faster time to solution for the end user and faster time to revenue for the partners.

For the Xterity resellers, this means they can focus on their core competencies: maintaining customer relationships, creating solutions and supporting their customer needs all without the risk of having to buy, build and manage a cloud of their own.

SolarWinds® MSP delivers comprehensive, scalable IT service management solutions to empower MSPs of every size and scale worldwide to create highly efficient and profitable businesses that drive a measurable competitive advantage.

SolarWinds MSP represents a powerful trifecta, bringing together SolarWinds, SolarWinds N-able, and LOGICnow.
Before the creation of SolarWinds MSP, LOGICnow, and SolarWinds N-able provided outstanding software—Remote Monitoring and Management, Backup and Disaster Recovery, Remote Control, Help Desk, Mail, and Risk Intelligence—all aimed at helping MSPs make the most of their business potential. The two companies served their clients in complementary ways. One served small and mid-sized MSPs beautifully, while the other was perfect for mid-sized and large MSPs.

Noticing how well the two companies fit together, the smart people at SolarWinds, a leading provider of products designed to make IT professionals’ lives easier, brought the two together to form SolarWinds MSP.

The result? A scalable, end-to-end IT service management platform built for MSPs of all sizes—from the one-person shops all the way to 100+ employee powerhouses.