If you have already built

Your Own Cloud…

As an MSP, your customers may have expressed to you time and time again, their need for cloud services, maybe even stating that they would go elsewhere to find them if you were unable to provide this service to them.

So, maybe a little reluctant, you decided to go ahead and build your own cloud in order to obtain customer satisfaction but, over time have been faced with a multitude of costs. Upgrading your on-premises infrastructure, upgrading your software to keep up with demand, hiring cloud computing specialists to maintain your cloud and eroding margins are all financial headaches that may make you rethink your decision to run and manage your own cloud service. But on the other hand, you don’t want to risk disappointing or worse – lose your loyal customer base. So, what can you do?

We can help.

With Direct Cloud,

You will receive,

  • Pay-as-you go terms: No contracts, leases, upfront costs or fine print
  • An intuitive GUI: Just drag and drop to develop your customers’ configurations and costs
  • Absolutely NO competition for your customers: Direct Cloud is exclusively channel focused so we don’t compete against our partners for any deal.
  • Standard L2/L3: Follow-the-sun 24/7/365 days support with all calls answered by real human beings at NO ADDITIONAL COST
  • Usage based Services: On demand services with no minimum time commitment
  • Better scalability for easier provisioning
  • Hands on training: Receive a dedicated Account Manager for your account
  • Hosted in world class regional datacentres: High speed direct connect access to major cloud environments

Start making better Margins!

Get off the hamster wheel of constant infrastructure refreshes and of trying to discover the right resources to manage your cloud. Partner with Entacloud for dedicated, managed cloud services and learn to finally be able to say “Yes” to your customers and “No” to the hassle, expensive and fine print.